Win and lose
Win & Lose


outdoor market Image taken and edited by me

The sun is quite hot today, I muse sweatily. The heat is making the load on my head heavier than usual which is hurting my neck.

I want to sit, but I cannot. I have been shouting Buy Oranges at an interval of 3 minutes for over 2 hours to the long distance travellers who happen to stop by to buy things to snack on. I’ve drank water to prevent losing my voice as I will still do this the next day and the day after that and the days after that…

A car with one occupant has pulled over; the driver wants to buy something from one of us hawking. There are hawkers selling plantain chips, roasted plantain, cold water and oranges too so I am not sure what he wants exactly. However I know anything edible would appeal to a traveller so…

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