Body of former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon lie in state in Jerusalem

Israel’s former PM Sharon

Global News

WATCH: Body of Ariel Sharon brought back into Knesset after mourners pay their respects

JERUSALEM – The body of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was carried into the Israeli parliament on Sunday evening, after Israelis spent the day paying their final respects to him in the square outside.

Hundreds of Israelis lined up outside Israel’s parliament building on Sunday to pay their last respects to the hard-charging former prime minister and general who died over the weekend.

Sharon’s coffin was displayed in a plaza in front of the Knesset, where a stream of visitors passed by to snap photos and say farewell. A funeral service to be attended by dignitaries from around the world, including U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, is scheduled for Monday.

VIDEO: Mourners pay respect to former Israeli Pm Ariel Sharon

[tp_video id=1076934]

The 85-year-old Sharon, one of Israel’s most iconic and controversial figures, died Saturday, eight years…

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